Hit the roof

with Travis Perkins


OCB Solar has provided bespoke Solar energy solutions for many Travis Perkins depots throughout the country, including new builds and retro fits.

Our state-of-the-art system enables the building giants to generate their own energy and better manage rising electrical bills. Real-time monitoring and an annual maintenance program ensure that the system is fully optimised. The added benefit of a battery storage solution means they can store and use any surplus energy when required.

By going Solar, Travis Perkins is not only reducing their carbon footprint by choosing greener practices, but also making significant savings on their energy consumption.

Travis Perkins Epsom and London

As Thomas Roy’s preferred partner, we have delivered bespoke Solar energy solutions for their client Travis Perkins’ Epsom and London depots. Using 545w solar panels on their vast roof space, both depots now generate their own energy with battery storage supplying surplus energy when required. Additionally, the depots have had electric vehicle charging points installed to maximise the efficiency of solar-powered energy generation.

Epsom Dept – Installed capacity/system size
57.770kW with 23.2kWhr of battery storage.

London Depot – Installed capacity/system size
61.585kW with 23.6kWhr of battery storage.

Travis Perkins depots

Travis Perkins depots Across Travis Perkins depots, we have generated 222kWp of Solar power (kilowatt peak, optimized conditions to generate).

This equates to 178,500kWh (kilowatt hours) per annum. On a commercial electricity supply tariff of 30p per kWh, that’s a whopping £53,550 of power generated every year!

Travis Perkins
Tunbridge Wells , Kent
Minworth, Birmingham.
Epsom, Surrey
58kWp (23.2kwhrs of battery storage)
Lee Green, London
62kWp (23.6kwhrs of battery storage)
Worksop, Nottinghamshire
63kWp (upcoming project)

Going to ground.

Most people think ‘roof’ when they think solar panels. After all, any sloping or flat roof has the potential to generate solar energy. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

If a commercial business or home has land attached to it, then ground-mounted solar panels could also be a good option. They can sometimes be more efficient than roof-mounted solar panels, as it’s easier to achieve the best angle and direction when no roof is in the way. 

Ground-mounted solar panels can either be positioned on a metal frame or fixed on a single pole – both of which are driven into the ground, or anchored with concrete for stability. Pole-mounted panels can also be fitted with a solar tracking system, which adjusts the angle of the panel, based on the sun’s position in the sky.

Tracking systems allow solar panels to receive optimal sun exposure and can increase efficiency by 20% to 35%.